Amery Thompson

The late founder of the Night's Embrace


Nightguide Amery Thompson was the founder and leader of the Night’s Embrace. Before Day Broke he worked for the Wayfarer’s Guild, guiding merchants and travellers around Apulia. When the sun died, however, he allegedly became subject to a divine premonition telling him why Day had Broken and how to reach salvation. With this information, he founded the Night’s Embrace and attracted hundreds of followers.

Nightguide Thompson was eventually discovered by the Irinetian Adventurer’s Guild to be a necromancer using the Night’s Embrace as a front for a demonic ritual. The adventurers tracked him and the Nightguides down, and he was finally killed by Artur Kiannodiir.

Thompson was an old, bald human man in his seventies. He would normally be seen dressed in plain, pitch-black robes with a cloak which could animate to defend him if necessary, and wore an ornate amulet made of white gold with thirteen small diamonds surrounding a large oval-cut sapphire in a starburst pattern. His amulet, as well as the staff he was found with beneath the Eye of the Storm, is currently owned by Atlaua.

Amery Thompson

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