Pelayo Surile

The curator of the Museum of Magic


Grand Magus Pelayo Surile is the gnome curator of the Museum of Magic and an expert on Construct Artificing. He is a short, white-haired man typically inclined to dress in somewhat extravagant robes. Grand Magus Surile is known in Irinet’s wizarding circles for being both highly arrogant, even more so than most mages, and paranoid. He is known to specialise in artificing.

Pelayo met with the Adventurer’s Guild after they cleared out the monsters roaming free in his museum. Although annoyed that the party damaged some of his property, he nevertheless upheld his promise to reward them for their services. After handing over a bag of holding containing a small plum tree, he left with the adamantine box the party found in the museum.

More recently, the party was hired by Pelayo to retrieve an emerald jewel from the tower of the Tiepolese archmage Sala Emira in exchange for a box of adamantine. However, the last time he was encountered was during the Siege of Irinet, where he, suited in advanced arcano-clockwork armour and accompanied by a small army of constructs, attempted to prevent the undead horde from escaping the Salt District.

Pelayo Surile

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